NOTE: Swim spa is unavailable during/shortly after rain or snow showers; it is unsafe to operate the electronic cover during those times and may result in significant property damage and/or personal injury. 

Swim Spa Rules:

● Hours are 6 AM to 10 PM 

● Shower before entering

● DO NOT operate cover if it has water on it

● Spa is for registered guests only 

● Cover swim spa after exiting (YOU are responsible for covering the swim spa)

● No running or rough play 

● No excessive splashing

● No swimming under the cover

● Persons under 14 must be supervised by an adult

● Use striped towels (not white bath towels)

● No food/beverages or pets allowed in swim spa area

● Fountains must be turned mostly off before closing the cover

● Close gray control panel cover

Swim Spa Cover Operating Guidelines:

● Enter the 4-digit code into the gray box (control panel) on the north side of the swim spa.

● Hold the “Uncover” button to open the spa cover. If you plan to use both the hot tub and swim portions, open the cover until the entire inside of the swim spa is visible (DO NOT OVER-OPEN THE COVER, OR DAMAGE IS LIKELY). If you are just using the hot tub side, open the cover only as far as needed for safe entry.

● After exiting and with no one in the swim spa, re-enter the 4-digit code on the control panel, then press and hold the “Cover” button to close the cover. Make sure that the cover is completely closed (no water or steam visible).

Swim Spa Operating Guidelines:

● Both the hot tub side and swim side have control panels (located on the south side). Touch the panel to activate; it will light up.

● The swim side is kept at 85°; you will not be able to change this temperature. The hot tub is set at 104°; you can adjust the hot tub temperature down by using the associated arrow.

● The icon that looks like a sun will turn on the LED lights.

● To turn on the jets, select the icon that looks like a shower head. Both the swim side and hot tub side have a Jet 1 and Jet 2. With the jets on, you can adjust water flow by turning any of the black knobs located around the spa. To return to the main screen, select the back arrow button. Jets will turn off automatically after 20 minutes.

● Make sure that the waterfall features are on slightly before you exit the spa but not turned up so high that the water will hit the closed cover.

● You may leave the jets and lights on when you exit the spa.